Public Relations and Social Services Departments

Local Public Relations:

 The Local Public Relations works to familiarize the concerned parties and stakeholders with the tasks and objectives of the association including citizens, the local community, local institutions and the media through coordination, networking and employing the media to inform the community about the achievements of the association and its future plans.

The Department works to communicate consistently and continuously with the local institutions in the field of education and Wellfare using all means and the latest methods of direct and indirect communication to create a positive cooperation and build a strong local network of relations with the local comunity.


International Public Relations:

The International Public Relations works to promote the services of the Association and its achievements and future projects, where the Department works to highlight the identity of the Assembly in an appropriate manner and give a clear idea of ​​its objectives, components and goals, and the Department works to communicate consistently and continuously with institutions  The international community in the field of education using all means and the latest methods of direct and indirect communication to create positive cooperation and build an international network of relations with the Arab and international community.

Social Services Department:

Based on our strong belief of the importance of social solidarity, we officially founded Social Service and Public Relation Unit in 2004, bearing its financial burdens. Through such unit, we reflect the philosophy of the association, which seeks to stand by marginalized and vulnerable groups and aims to empower women, children, and people with special needs.Since its founding, the department has worked to spread the message of the association, and established cooperative networks with Jerusalem-based institutions. Our association participated in showing initiatives aimed at enhancing the reality of Jerusalem. These efforts could be noticed through the following:

  • Orphan Sponsorship Program: this programe is carried by Emleson Society. We constantly seek to expand its scope in order to be able to  support as many as possible of Jerusalemite children. Currently, we have a list of 423 orphans whose conditions have been fully and accurately examined by our social workers who have proved their serious needs for sponsorship. Out of our input list, a total of 246 children have been taken care of. Such support is usually given under the financial aid of  local , internatinal community and public charities. 
  • Fun day for Orphan: the Emleson has been organizing afun day for orphans  for six years in cooperation with other institutions. This takes place in April of each year. We attemp to enhance performace to invoke an influntial message that the community has not and will not forget Ther responsepilty to words them.
  • Social Solidarity Programs: during this period, we have provided financial and pychological supports to 492 families officially and continuously, in addition to 400  families that receive occasional aid in festivals and special events.
  • Awareness-rasing Programs: the Emleson concentrates on spreading consciousness among the people of Jerusalem by conducting workshops and awareness sessions in arrangement with specialized institutions. Topics usually range between legal rights of Jerusalemites in all aspects; drugs, its potential dangers, and prevention; education; and adolescence.
  • Women Empowerment Programs: we empower women by offering workshops related to project management, embroidery, Palestinian cuisine,helth awarenes , positive parnthhood  and others.