Day and Extended Nurseries:
Day Nursery:
It has children from the ages of 3 Months to 3 years old. These children are referred by the Ministry of Social Affairs due to their families cercumstances. The total number of theses children is 60 children.

Extended Nursery:

It has children children from the ages of 3 Months to 5 years old. These children come from situation distress families and social cruelty and are considered in the circle of high social risk, so they continue their extended day  until Six o`clock in the evening in order to protect and provide them with rich and diverse programs and develope raisetheir psychological and social immunity.

Emleson Day Nursery - Jabal Al Mukaber:


The staff in this branch are:

  • 3 teachers
  • An educational Supervisor.
  • Early childhood Supervisor
  • Nursery director
  • secretary
  • cleaners

 Emleson Day and Extended Nursery - Jabal Al Mukaber Branch:

The day and extended nursery branch was established in the village of Jabal al-Mukaber in 1992. Today. the branch has about (140) children from Jabal al-Mukaber and the surrounding villeges. Children attending this branch are between 3 to 5 years of age. However the Nursery accommodates children from the ageof 6months to 5 years and the number of (140) children, ((100) Children attend the Day Nursery until 3 in the Afternoon. (40) children attend the Extended Nursery until 6 in the evening in order to contain them and keep them away from the circle of danger and help their families in improving their parental and family performance.
The nursery provides its children with a rich and integrated program, which includes educational activities, educational, discretionary, therapeutic, and developmental efforts. Facing challenges and contributing to the service of their society and their country and pushing it forward towards the promising future.
Emleson Day and Extended nursery - Issawiya Branch:
The day and extended nursery was established in the village of Issawiya Jerusalem in 2004. It is a long-term nursery that suits the needs of its children. It includes about 130 children (90) of whom attend daytime while (40) children remain in distress until 6 pm within the extended program. The majority of nursery children are transferred through the social affairs offices because of their difficult family circumstances and their need for a therapeutic, educational, and multi-dimensional therapeutic framework in order to be able to respond to their diverse needs, developed, psychologically, emotionally, mentally and socially.
The idea of ​​the extended nursery came to contain a segment of children in the circle of danger because of the distress experienced by their families unable to meet their basic needs The nursery program is rich and integrated and includes educational activities and educational activities and discharge, treatment and developmental and strives to involve parents and sometimes brothers and grandmothers in the events in order to give them parental skills And communication and family and strengthen partnership and cooperation between them and the nursery with a focus on the childhood sensitive stage and support the independence and personality of parents, especially women in order to raise individuals able to face the challenges and contribute to d P of their community and their country forward.
 Day and Extended Nurseries Objectives:
  • Providing care, prevention and education in early childhood as an articular and sensitive stage.
  • Provide incentives and opportunities that allow the child the possibility of balanced development and refine his personality and enhance his abilities.
  • Work to give parents the skills of parents and family and build a positive partnership with them.
  • Attention to disadvantaged children who suffer from family distress and protect them from the risks posed to them through a balanced program integrated developmentally, educationally, psychologically and nutritionally.
Day and Extended Nursery Program:
 The nursery program is varied, attractive and rich, takes into account the age stage and the diverse needs of children and tries to meet them as much as possible.It includes developmental therapeutic events for people with developmental delay and therapeutic activities for children who are going through difficult circumstances and psychological distress and recreational, family and educational activities in order to enrich their personalities and life skills and creativity.
The nursery environment is a rich and diverse environment stimulating warm family and human nature in which the child receives healthy food and achieve himself and his desires through class and external events. The preparation of healthy food in the nursery is supervised by a team of skilled chefs, cleaners and maintenance workers to provide a suitable and safe environment.
Day and Extended nursery Staff:
  • Educational Crew
  • Professional Crew
  • 11 Care Assistants
  • Morning Shift Leasers
  • Social workers
  • Parameter + 2 assistants
  • Psychologist
  • 4 evening care Assistants
  • Speech Therapist
  • Evening Shift Leaders
  • Functional therapist
  • Educational Supervisor
  • Music-therapy practitioner