Therapeutic Care Programs

Extended Nurseries:

In addition to the day nurseries, the Society has noticed that there are families and children in the danger zone due to the difficult situation in Jerusalem. Therefore, the therapeutic Extended nursery was introduced to Jabal Mukaber 20 years ago. The program targets about 140 children, who are referred by the Palestinian Ministry of Social Affairs.  The nursery provides transportation and extended daytime programs. Nursery programs are diverse; children (from 6 months to five years of age) are served food besides other educational, developmental, and psychological supports. Accordingly, the Society extended its scope and established a second lengthened-program based nursery in Al-Isawiyah 14 years ago, which also has 140 children.

Therapeutic Clubs:

The Society has also established therapeutic clubs for young generation for 20 years in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry for Social Affairs namely: Al-Ruwad Club in Jabal Al-Mukaber, Beit Hanina Club (age 8-12 years) and Al-Sighar in Al-Mukabber (3-5 years). This is an educational program, usually conducted at afternoon times, designed to support children with unstable backgrounds.

Parents and Children Centre:

Al-Ruwad Club was later transformed into a "Parents and Children Centre". This center provides remedial counseling programs for families and children with difficulties in communication, home management, family relationships, and adolescence. The center has developed drastically and become specialized in parenthood and family communication, which is considered to be a real dilemma in the Jerusalemite community today.