Emleson School


The  Emleson School is located in the southern part of Al-Quds Jerusalem in Ghezil Street, in Emleson area in .Jabal Al- Mokaber. The School is run and supervised by  Emleson Women Society. The idea of establishing The school was adesire of continuation of the nursery stage and upon repeated requests by local families, we have seen the pressing need to build an educational facility which would foster the Palestinian survival in Jerusalem. 

The school was officially established in 2006 and started with  260 students. Today, the school consists of 22 classes from the First to the Ninth grades. Today, our school has 670 students.

  • school's director
  • vice president
  • The Secretariat
  • Teachers
  • Teacher Assistents 
  • Educational Supervisor
  • Psychological Supervisor
  • Cleaners

Students attending Emleson school come from several Villages and suburbs of Jerusalem city .emleson offers transportation to all its students by Emleson`s own buses.

The school is mixed for boys and girls from the first to the sixth grades and carry on for boy only at elementary faze up to ninth grade. The school offers to on rolling students in enrolling students coming from low-income families. Students are provided with educational services, and extracurricular activities too. Furthermore, we encourage our students to form their own personalities and integrate them into our community.



We work on providing a supportive and orderly learning environment for all students taking into consideration all relevant factors (culturally, psychologically... etc.). We aim at developing students’ skills as a thinkers, critics, entrepreneurs, and producers to allow them to contribute effectively in building a democratic Palestinian society.


Extra Curricular Activities:

We pay particular attention to extra curricular activities and utilize modern technology in the educational process. Also, we do not forget the moral aspect of the education process; we ingrain values into our students. For example, we plan to enrich the learning environment by making it suitable for expectations. We also organize a series of cultural, social and recreational activities, like trips. We also focus on integrating students into national and religious events to raise students awareness of the needed ethics.