Sponsorship and Development Programs

Sponsorship and Development Programs:

The Emleson Society, in its deep humanitarian view, has taken it upon itself to assist vulnerable segments of the Palestinian community in Jerusalem. Therefore, it has built a social solidarity and public relations department to support low-income families. Hence, Emleson launched an Orphan Sponsorship Program to aid orphans, besides to widows. 

In addition, the Society organizes every year a festival day for Arab Palestinian orphans with local charitable contributions in Jerusalem and West Bank. Each year, around 2500 orphans participate in such festivals. Furthermore, the Society seeks to attract charity supports for poor families and turn such support into sustainable small projects in partnership with other institutions.

Our Contributions:

Since its inception, our Society has considered itself part and parcel of the harmonious fabric of Jerusalem. We seek to connect, network and integrate with the other institutions in order to serve people and maintain the Palestinian presence in the holy city. In this context, we have been contributing the following:

  • Fifteen years ago, we have worked on constructing a central body for voluntary work and have gone far in doing so with other institutions. For instance, we have the cemetery of Bab al-Asbat cleaned and some schools renovated.
  • Our Society participated in forcing the Israeli occupation authorities to open a kindergarten for  3-4 aged children, i.e., bringing forward the initial period of compulsory education for East Jerusalem.
  • Our Society participated in enlisting staff members of the Palestinian Ministry of Social Development, which is seeking to build a mechanism and data bank for social solidarity in Jerusalem.
  • We have also participated actively in women empowerment activities in the Jerusalemite scope and built networks with Family Planning Society and Women's Studies Center.
  • Our Society also sponsored many sports activities for young boys and girls (in partnership with the Swimmers' Union).
  • The Society has contributed effectively in helping a large number of Jerusalemite teachers by offering legal support to overcome the Israeli obstacles that hinder their careers for political and discriminatory pretexts.
  • We participated with the Ministry of Social Development in underlying the rights of people with disabilities in the Palestinian Authority.
  • Our Society also supports needy students by creating scholarships and fundraising.
  • We have organized many events to support patients and their families in the Gaza Strip, especially in Al-Matala and Al-Fransawi Hospitals.