Educational programs

Our Educational Program:

Emleson Women Society has established a number of nurseries and kindergartens with a practical Educational and humanitarian orientation. The number of children in these nurseries and kindergartens has now reached to 722 children, divided into 3  neighborhoods.

Our Branches:

  • Emleson Kindergarten - Jabel Mukaber Branch
  • Emleson Kindergarten - Ras al-Amud Branch
  • Emleson Kindergarten - Isawiya Branch

Our Educational Strategy:

Emleson Women Socity is constantly seeking to develop their cadres and programs. They also are working on modernizing and providing educational support to low achievers. In addition, our cadres take care of children with respect to their emotional and social skills in a balanced and integral manner.

English language is taught and emphasized as a foundation stage for the subsequent educational stages. The Socity has established preparatory-elementary school in Emleson neighborhood for 10 years and it has about 700 students.