Emleson Story

Emleson Story:

In 1992, a group of women, from Jabal Mukaber and Emleson in Jerusalem, called for the launching of a modest initiative to serve the Jerusalemite community, which is a dire need for services, especially women and children. Over time, those Palestinian women worked so hard to flourish such an idea with love and tenderness. Accordingly, this idea blossomed like a rose in our blissful Jerusalemite garden and became the seed of an iconic Society called  as Emleson Society for Women. Emleson Society has 8 branches and 180 employees working harmoniously to support low- and middle-income families in Jerusalem and equip them with dignity and freedom. 

About Us:

Emleson Society for Women is an Arab, Palestinian, non-profit  Society based in Jerusalem and its outskirts. Through programs,  the Society aims to develop the educational, social and economic realities of the Jerusalemite community. It works on granting immunity to the pan-Jerusalemite family against potential challenges. 


The Society considers the Palestinian society in general and Jerusalemite one (Al-Maqdisi) in particular as a civil society in which family is characterized by cohesion; each one has equal rights, especially at the level of education and social welfare without any discrimination. Recognizing the national identity and the deep-rooted heritage, our Society focuses on educational, social and economic capabilities of the Jerusalemite community


The Society aims to strengthen the capabilities of Jerusalemite families and meet their needs by providing services related to education and social welfare. The target groups are women and children especially in the marginalized villages and neighborhoods of the holy city. The Society is also interested in providing quality services to local communities and in supporting all trends related to women empowerment. We, consequently, develop women’s skills in the same field. So, the Society firmly believes in social integration and responsibility and relies on the community’s resources to maintain the fabric of society. 

Our Organizational Structure:

The association consists of a general board, which meet periodically to elect an administrative body and a chairperson. The administrative body supervises the implementation of the plans between each electoral cycle. The Society is registered and licensed by the Israeli Occupation Authorities in order to sustain its legal immunity. Also,  the Society has a consultative council of legal members. It is composed of Dr. Abdul Rahman Abbad; Professor Hani Al-Issawi; Professor Zahira Kamal; Bishop Hanna Atallah, Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox; Mr. Rasem Obeidat. These juridical figures are active in the Palestinian Jerusalemite community. They also strongly believe in the vision of this Society and appreciate its mission. 

Our Approach: 

Recognizing the Palestinian inspirational efforts, Emleson  Society for Women is concerned with vulnerable groups. It aims at strengthening the national fabric of Jerusalem and maintaining the Palestinian presence in the holy city. Therefore, the Society seeks to launch projects that offer quality, yet low-cost integration services to those with low income.

  • Striving to provide quality service for vulnerable segments (originally deprived of basic needs)
  • Believing in integration service and partnership with other institutions and promoting a unitary approach to work.
  • Calling for exercising natural rights in accordance with international law since our  "people are under occupation".
  • Promoting charity, sacrifice, and self-sufficiency to unleash the potentials of our people. (“Seek for things inside yourself.”)
  • Maintaining the Palestinian demographic presence in Jerusalem to combat policies of political cleansing against our society.
  • Working on sustainability and enhanced strategic planning.
  • Seeking to connect Jerusalem with West Bank and 1948 land, and fighting Apartheid practics and division.

Our Objectives: 

  • To contribute to the establishment of Palestinian civil society through consolidating the Jerusalemite community, and preserving the Palestinian Arab identity of Jerusalem and its culture.
  • To empower women and call for their equal rights to access to opportunities and resources
  • To support and rehabilitate families with vulnerabilities.
  • To protect children in danger and safeguard them against all forms deterioration. 
  • To raise and educate the young generation by establishing educational institutions with a purposeful message.
  • To spread the word of charity work, and consolidate values of solidarity and self-reliance.
  • To assist children with special needs by providing appropriate treatment and integrating them into civil society.

Our Strategies:

  • Believing in the paramount importance of building a Jerusalemite community based on tolerance, equality and national dignity.
  • Cherishing national identity and adhering to positive heritage.
  • Respecting pluralism at all levels and equal rights and duties, apart from discrimination based on color, religion, sex and/or political affiliation.
  • Directing energies towards marginalized social groups, especially women and children.
  • Highlighting the significance of participating and volunteering as a means of promoting the Jerusalemite community.
  • Abiding by transparency standards and constructive criticism as an effective tool in evaluating and developing work.
  • Working collaboratively to achieve goals (teamwork).
  • Decentralizing management to encourage initiatives and achieve a dynamic response to target groups, without hindering the specialized work of units and sections.
  • Cooperating and networking with local institutions is part and parcel of our approach to reach marginalized or disadvantaged groups.